Thursday, September 04, 2008

3 days and counting

Ramadhan this year is pretty much the same. Well, not really. First of all, traffic jam from Putrajaya to Kajang sucks big time. I have not gone through such traffic jam since the last time I remembered. It has been only two days of fasting and the traffic is bad. Really, really bad. Imagine after all this time working in Putrajaya, you don't get much cars around. It will only take me approximately 30 mins to arrive home with the speed of 80kmph so and so. Suddenly I have to hit the break more often for every meters. You do the math. Since oil price is way expensive and not forgetting that I am driving my dads' Volvo 970 (Big car means big gas). So if I'm in a stream of vehicles, it won't do much help. Plus I'm getting cramps around my hips, my spine and my knee which is not good due to my P.

The breaking of fast this year to me is not as merrier as before. We have indulged ourselves for less and simple foods to avoid waste. I have not hit any bazaar yet because I don't see the necessary to do so since I have my mom. Hee. Maybe my appetite these days is not big as before. I used to eat like a pig you know. This year, I want to follow the sunnah of the Prophet SAW by stop eating before you go full. Konon. I don't know. Seem to be losing appetite these days. Is that some sort of a sign? Ke sebab da keciwa nak tambah berat badan tapi xtertambah-tambah pon. Hmmm...

Tarawikh. I don't know about you, but I think that tarawikh this year is so quick that I don't have time to feel sleepy. Not that I'm complaining of how fast its going, but yeah its fast. During my teeny years, going to tarawikh felt like miles away. Always getting lost of what rakaah we were on even though we only performed 8! These 4 days of performing tarawikh, happened so fast. Maybe its the Imam or maybe I got too lost in my mind during prayers. There's a saying that goes, if you felt time was running fast, there is something wrong with our Iman. Those who are pious will only see time at a normal pace. Therefore, we have to ask ourselves, are we there yet?

Me? I'm still me. Still all cranky and pretty much the same. I have not changed a bit.
Whatever reasons or whatever happens, hope that this Ramadhan will give us blessings and that we are commit to become a better Muslims in the future. InsyaAllah.

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Anonymous said...

Aah, betul lah!
rasa thn nih nye terawih cepat plak abis...adakah kita ini...????