Monday, January 07, 2008

The List


Praise be to Allah, I still live till today...Alhamdulillah...

Sumone is constanly babbling at me to update my freaking blog, and you know who you are =>. At least I know sumone is reading. Hehe. Hmmm...I kindda lost in time really. That is why my page is sumhow stranded. Silent. Full stop. Been busy lately. Haha. Lame excuses. Always and will be. =p. But I'm being honest here.

My life has gone, hmmm..I dont know what? Hehe. All I can say, I've been busy doing nothing. Hehe. Naaa...not really, how can you be busy doing nothing? Impossible. Anyway, its 2008. Plans for the future has not been laid out. Never been laid out really. Me nak buat plan? Haha. Angan-angan taik ayam. Is that correct? Left zaman peribahasa ages ago.

If I recall every year, I have this things listed out (well almost). A determination list. A list which needs me to be real. Like we all know, if there's no determination, the will to do what you've listed out, then, there's no deal. Sad really. Pathethic kindda like. Dah buat list, tapi tak ikot. Heck! So this year, no list for me. Hehe. Just wanna go with the flow. Yeah, tapi, dat doesn't me I cant improve myself. Rite?

So this year I just wanna sit back and enjoy the scene. Take step by step at a time. You never know what will happen next. That's the thrill of life...

P.s - I'm supposed to be busy...but I took the time. Plus I'll be jotting down more for sure now dat I know sumone is reading...=>



Anonymous said...

and that person is me !!! i guess u shud be writing more starting from now on huh since u know who's the no1 fan of ur blog...
hihi...really i am...not joking.
keep it up ya!!

Skinny Legs said...

hehe...yes...u are very correct...and me sangat terharu... try to update ocassionally...=>