Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Poor me!

I'm going deaf. Ok. Dont be too drastic.

I'm founding myself having difficulty in hearing. Seriously. Each day getting worse. Thanks to the earphone that I've been pluggin my eyes all these time. Oppss, eyes? Imagine plugging them to your eyes??? Not rite not rite. Correction: ears. Who else to blame? Haha. Really.

I've been using those gadgets since I've started work. I can't stand silent. Everyone was focusing too much on work and their too plugged their ears. So I followed them and its taking a toll on me. Actually, right before then I was having hearing difficulty. I remember way back my intership year. During lunch hour, we went for MCD. I've ordered so and so. And then the cashier would say the bills.

Cashier: It's RM 8.56 (Can't exactly remember the figure)
Me : Chili.
Cashier *With a straight face starring back*
Me *Starred back smiled innocently*
Cashier: RM 8.56 (Toner got louder but soft spoken)
Me : Oooooo....kkkkk, dier suruh bayar rupenya!

Damn. Dat was kindda embarrasing. But I stuck up being cool. Hehe.

Everwhere I go, I have to be close to the person who is talking. Otherwise that person is talking to themselves. Haha. Oh man, I need help!


Anonymous said...

so kelaka...chilli???
tp mmg betul pun...using headphones or earphones increases the amount of bacteria in the ears as much as 700 times per hour

Skinny Legs said...

Kak shu, i'm going deaf by the minute...not good...not good...
n with that fact...aiyakk...