Monday, January 21, 2008

KL versus Penang


1. KL - Sleepless city. Got out of the bus at 3am still got life on the street.
2. Penang - Reached penang at 2am, no sign of life. Ada lah beberapa of mereka.
Not many.

3. KL - So many lights
4. Penang - Not so many light. Does pelita counts?

5. KL - Bizarre traffic with bizarre people. Bizarre no of tolls and bizarre
no of cars.
6. Penang - Not so bizarre. Kampung. You dont find night clubs in the middle of the
padi field. Heh.

7. KL- Good food and so much choices. Still can sneak out to mamak stalls even at 3am
8. Penang - Good food too except their businesses runs before 12. Paling lambat
pon pukul 1. But the source of protein there are so fresh.
Plus cheap too.

9. Penang - More green. Good for the eyes.
10. KL - Green? Tall solid block is more I see.

11. KL - My parents and cats live there. O yeah, my paksu's next door.
12. Penang - My grandma, my uncles and aunts, my cousins are all in
penang. Scattered everywhere. Every weekend sleepover at their
house. One at a time.

13. KL - Mid-valley. Can take the comuter. Don't have to worry about parking.
14. Penang - Queensbay. Must have a car. Have to cross to the other side. Have to
worry about parking. Cost for an outing: Minyak + Duit feri @
the brigde + parking = Banyak tuh. Shopping fees not included. If nak
shopping sakan lah kan.

15. KL - I live between TESCO and JUSCO which is 10 mins away.
16. Penang - The nearest TESCO is in Sg. Petani where I have to take the highway
and would at least take me 45 mins...and JUSCO? Where is JUSCO anyway?

17. KL - Have to be ready before 7.
18. Penang - Still in bed at 7. Hehe.

19. KL - Still pama's little gurl. Hahaha. No way. Dude, 23 aint at all little
even though I am. Guilty =>
20. Penang - Independent chick on the rise. =p

I hate decision making. That is IF I have to ;-)

P.S. The location of penang I'm refering to is Kepala Batas, Seberang Perai. Penang still, rite?


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