Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Whats with women and tupperware?

Tupperware cravings

Always got me wondering what is so 'hebat' bout this tupperware.
Is it the brand? Is it becoz its made from U.S.A? Or is it because its just Tupperware?
I've seen people craving for them every now and then. Women especially. Its just a container but people buy them even at a relatively high price! You can buy container at a cheap price. But then again you have to take into account of the quality.
I have to admit the design is very cool indeed but when it costs like RM60 something-something for a 3-piece container with the size where it can only stores cereal, I'm always raising my forehead. Wow! With RM60 I can get something more interesting like new clothes ;-)

Then again, people are entitled for their what they like. What some others like, maybe some others dont. Its how the universe works. But this Tupperware does amuse me. Totally.

Maybe someday I might be craving for them =p

For the record, my mom has them too.


alfattah said...

The color looks delicious.haha

yeah better buy new clothes.

Skinny Legs said...

Haha...is it? Or is it the food in it? Haha