Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What u hate, u'll love

I hate being honked at. Seriously. Eventhough I know I commited crime, heh, but I so hate being honked at. As far as I'm concern, I am not a reckless driver. I know my way behind the wheels. Its the people on road I have problem with. They dont have manners at all. They dont give signal when trying to switch lanes. Hey, I do that too tapi tengok tempat lah! But when you really need to switch lanes, in fear you might missed your exit, please give some spaces for us to get in. Damn! I gave signals, OK! And I went in slow hoping that you malaysian ada hati sikit! Its not like I barged in just like that. The least you people could do is give way. Pastuh kena horn sekali. Damn! *Kurang pahala* I dont understand Malaysian!

I have the tendency to be very mad if people honked at me for No reason(kalu ada reason pon aku cam marah jugak...hehehe). Since its fasting month, I babble to myself. Only God knows what. And with that, I have made my conclusion, I hated KL. Before this I liked KL so much that I could put up with the horrendous traffic and Putrajaya was dull and boring. I pretty much like Putrajaya now. And I'm sticking with that.

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