Sunday, July 20, 2008

What is in the inside it not what is on the outside...

I was working on Saturday. I didn't know why I was so eager to go to work, maybe I wanted to get out of the clot that I've caused last few days. That's not the whole point. Anyway, I went to work with my other two senior staff. It was cloudy and misty in the air that morning but it wasn't raining heavily, so I thought it was not going to be such a sun-tastic day.

We are working in a closed spaced room with no view of what so ever. It's like you're in a cell except its bigger and brighter and has no bars. Its just an idea of what our environment was like. Therefore, we have no inkling of what is going on outside especially when it comes to the weather. Besides it doesn't really matter if it were to rain or to be crispy hot outside, we were stuck inside frozen stiff. Picture Alaska.

That afternoon, the air-conditioner was somewhat cold and the air that was coming out from that what-you-call-it, cerobong? was loud as though it was raining cats and dogs outside. Kak long said..."Yep, hujan. Lebat kat luar tuh" she said with a serious tone based on the sound and that it was shivering cold. I was hmmm...didn't want to believe because I know that it has nothing to do with it. Unless we were at the very top and the rain hits the roof top, that, I might buy.
"Tadi masa akak datang tuh pon da hujan" she continued. OK. I bought that.

Kak Long husband rang her to see whether she has finished what she was doing.
"Da boleh amek ke?"
"Tak boleh tubik lagi neh. Huje lebatt kat luaer neh"
*I don't know how to translate kelantanese here*
Her husband was at Alamanda, so he thought it was what she claimed.
10 minutes later
"Ibu, da nak sampai da neh" as I heard he daughter at the other end of the line.
"Ibu tak boleh keluar lagi neh. Hujan lebat lagi neh"
"Hah? Hujan???" continued her daughter and it was cut off. Mungkin dia keheranan.
"Korang macam mana? Nak akak amek payung ke pinjam?" she asked.
"Takpe. Kiteorang parking xlah jauh sangat"
"OK, kalau camtu akak balik dulu" And she whisked away.

We followed behind 5 minutes later. To our surprised it was not raining at all. It was hot as ever and the sky was clear. "Eh, hujan lebat ke tadi?" Kak Siti exclaimed.
Then Kak Long words of exclamation of it was raining heavy came to mind. You guys should see her face when she was telling her husband that it was raining...lawak lawak.


Anonymous said...

i'll be kind enough to translate it for you :
"Tak boleh tubik lagi neh. Huje lebatt kat luar neh"
meaning: tak bleh kluar lagik nih, hujan lebat kat luar nih"
hehe. clear now? heeeee

anneweeza said...

wakakak!!! nape la aku xde ms tu...leh aku rs 'kesejukan' dek kerna 'kehujanan' tuh....kehkeh!!!