Thursday, July 10, 2008


I've been tagged for the very first time eventhough I don't exactly know how it goes. I only know tag on the playground. Hehe. Here it goes...

1 minit yang lalu, apa anda buat.
On what to write here :P

1 hari yang lalu, apa anda buat.
Went to work, work, work, chatting, work some more, got home from work, lay down in bed, maghrib lambat, lay down somemore in my telekung, performed Isyak, went to nite market and sat in front of the tv.

1 hari lagi apa anda akan buat.
Maybe the same thing like I did a day before except there won't be a pasar malam.

1 orang yang terakhir menelefon kamu.
Caq called me 4 in the morning to help her with her public speaking topic. Ozone layers. And I couldn't sleep after that coz teringat my friend told me that ghost are active during that time. Leh x?

1 makanan yang baru dibeli.
I bought a banana muffin from a friend at work times it wasn't one and I'm not answering the question :D

1 barang yang baru hilang.
I will know when it is missing. :P

1 cerita yang baru ditonton.
Prison break Season 3. It's so last season so it's not new.

1 hal terakhir yang digossipkan.
With my office mate about another office mate. Evil!

1 kata yang ingin diluahkan.
"Can you please stop staring? It's really annoying."

1 buku yang sudah dibaca.
Shopaholic and Sister. Hmm, can't remember. But it took me 4 months to finish it. But its the very 1st book I managed to finish since 4 years :D

1 penyakit yang sering datang.
Constipation + laziness.

1 keinginan.
To visit Tokyo, Jordan, and New York. InsyaAllah.

Thanks to kak shu, I have to tag someone...TAG...your it...ANN + FADH + WAN!!!! (ntah bile mereka2 neh nak bukak blog gue)


anneweeza said...

aku slalu je view blog ko ok...
sape ckp ngn ko psl time antu kuar tu....?? hahahhaha :)

p/s : jgn glamor'n aku di
sini...hahahha... :)

justnid said...

ozone layer?

anneweeza said...

aku ade 1 soklan...
hhmmm...kan soklan2 tag tu dlm bhasa melayu..nape ko jwb dlm bhasa inggeris....hahahhaa!!!!!