Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My shoes don't fit!

I hate buying shoes. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE SHOESSS so much. Doesn't my page tells it all? ;-) The thing is, I always end up buying the wrong ones in terms of the size. I'm always confused if I'm a size 5 or a size 6.

Last Friday, I bought this one Amanda flats from this one fancy shoe store which I seldom entered before (sbbnye kedai class gitu), I spotted it on top of a rack and fell in love with it completely. Just my taste and just perfect. It's black and looks like my every other shoes. Boring.

Anyhow I just got to have it regardless how much it cost. Yeah, it did cost me RMXXX. I'd never bought something that pricey in my life just for a pair of shoes. I was determined to buy it though. So I couldn't care less of how much it cost, I just got to have and I did. I tried the display shoes on and it did fit well but it was a size 6. Then I remembered that I used to buy a 6 size shoes and end up having it
slipping out of my feet constantly caused it became loose. I asked for a size 5. It was tight at the front but it did fit in well. I was excited when I bought them until...

I wore them on Saturday and I was soooooo unhappy. I was whining all day to my sister (I'm so bless to have her). Despite I was whining, she listened and told me to relax. "The shoes will soon fit well later on" says caq. But oh no, I just have to brag about my pain. "Caq pon biasa je macam tuh, lagi lah kasut boot" she continued. Ok. I took it maturely (tipu!) and stop complaining even though my foot was crying in pain.

Still I wasn't satisfied the fact that I bought it for RMxxx, it will be a waste if it is not used. So I went googling like always and came across a few tips on how to enlarge shoes. Hmmm. The first was to get a shoe stretcher which I don't know where to get them and it might cost me some more. So scribble the first tip out. Finally I found a few tips done in a conventional way. It says to mould your shoe with water by putting groceries bag in your shoes and pour water in it. Then let it freeze in the freezer. As it turns to ice, it will hopefully to enlarge it. Cool eh? And I tried it. It sort of works.

Of course, I still have to stand the scrutinizing pain of the flats. Plus it makes a loud squeaky sound as I walk in it. Sounds like a cricket. My friends at work told me I was like the transformer and that if I came they know its me. Oh wait, was it I'm lost. Anyway, I just have to abide with it for the rest of my life. Well, before I find a new soles mate. ;-)


Anonymous said...

hahaha...cepatlaa letak gambo kasut baru tu..nak tengok!!!!
p/s:i think it has been ur trademark for the noise made by ur ape?heeee

justnid said...

maybe urs is '5 & a half'..haha..

yeah, put pics of it..wanna see how beauty those flat has flattened you..muahahaha

p/s me: ONLY 1 shoes per year (eventhough dh koyak)ok!!!

anneweeza said...
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anneweeza said...

kekkk koeekk keekkkk!!! sound like that...huuhhu guess wht???
it might be...transformes.....wakakaka!!!!