Monday, March 10, 2008

I feel...

The election has finished and even though I don't know that much of a thing, I have to say I kinda regret by not participating in this one important events. I'm 24 well not yet, but I felt I have not done my part as a citizen. Yeah, I have to wait another 4 years. I felt left out. My dad had his exciting moments in this year election. He was very pleased with the result. Saya bukannye paham erti keseronokan dalam pilihan raya pon. Blank.

To see my dad soar ecstatically caught my attention of what was going on. Every time he roar joyfully to the announcement of the votes, I would come running downstairs..."Ayah...napa ayah?" Like a kid who's eager to know what was going on, where at my age I should be present-minded of the country. Darn me. Huhu. Yep, feel pathetic right now. Even my 3rd sister who's in Jordan, too was so excited about this election. She would ask me for updates where I don't exactly know how to answer. Heeee. Yelah, orang tak tau politik. Huhu. Siap soh letakkan microphone di speaker TV. Huhu. My 2nd sis also participate in voting. I feel embarrassed!!!

Yet still, no point of looking back. Got to move on and do things right. I have to strive better for the future. My country depends on me. Hahahahahahahahaha.
Ok now I feel so lame.... huhuhuh

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