Saturday, March 08, 2008


My sis, Ruzanna's sacred day. She has turned 22. I used to be 22. I didn't felt like 22. I didn't looked 22. Even till today. It's not bout me. It's bout her.

Well, I didn't get her anything this year. Not yet.
Don't have the time to buy cards these days. Pity.
So, I decided to write about her instead.

What can I say about her? Hmm, a lot. If I don't limit myself to 1500++ words,
I can produce a copy of an autobiography of her. Haha.
Tapi sapa sangatlah nak beli kan? Huhu.

Anyway, the name we call her is Caq. I don't know how she landed with that nick, but I did remember my mom mentioned that she liked to stare at the ceilings for slamander aka 'cicak' when she was months old. So that's how she got her nick. Logic!

She's the 2nd in the row. People always confused us as being twins during our childhood years. Yeah, we do look alike. Skinny frame, dark color skin and teeth to match. We are like a mirror of ourselves. I have a mole on the upper brow on my right eye, she has the same on the left eye. Something like that.

Caq is the coolest member of the family. She has my dads genes. I don't know how she managed stress, pain and all the other crap but she managed it good. I guess. She's always keeping it calm all the time. Eh, tak jugak. Mengamuk pon mengamuk jugak minah neh. Had too because she was fighting with me. Can't just leave it like that, rite? Haha.

Yeah, we used to fight a lot in our period of growing up. I remember we used to fight in our nursery's bathroom. I was in year 6, she was in year 4. I can't remember what on earth we were fighting for, but we fought with our fist, pulling eachothers hair, bitting each others skin...naked!(I had knickers on ok!) Hahaha. The funny thing was, we fought with no sounds. Like a scene where you turned off the volume. Leh bayangkan lah macam mana. See, gado2 pon we still have manners. Haha.

Also there is this one time where she got mad and she hit me with my barbie recorder. For the record, my barbie recorder is pink and I brought in England! Hehe. She hit me with it and broke in into two. Damn. Marahnya saya waktu. Tapi saya berlakun kesakitan lah sebab dia pukul saya kat belakang. She got panic. One, she hit me. Two, my recorder patah. Maybe she got panicked because she broke my recorder. Haha. We made up after dat a few days later. Air dicincang takkan putus. Haha. Childhood is never perfect if you didn't go thru these things
with your siblings. Agree?

Like father like daughter...that's her!

Despite we have bad records in the fighting department (we fight like cats and dogs), we do have good records too. We get along very well. We tell eachother everything. From all the juicy things that happened to the boring ever. People say that teenage tends to copy what's surrounding them. This was what exactly happened to caq. Infact it happens to everyone. Yeah, she liked to imitate alrite. I remember she had fringes because she was into this one Chinese drama. Just because the actress had one, she got herself one too. Talk about influences. Huh. And she copied
many more years too come.

Out of the four of us, she was kindda lambat pickup. (Zaman jahil dia). She didn't know how to work the mobile phones back then. She didn't even know the internet. Guess she wasn't into technologies. Now she knows them, she can't stop using it.

She's funny too. Not because of her lines she make, but of how she respons or answer or ask and the way she thinks.

Escalator kat LRT station

Me: Ok...pasneh kena naik Monorail.
Her: Monorail tuh sapa??


After I was on the phone while driving

Her: Along, antara stering dengan engine mana lagi penting???
Me: Hah! Pe nye soklan lah neh...kompem lah engine. Xde engine macam mana nak jalan? Adus.
Her: Salah! Stering lah.
Me: Hah??? (Pemende lah dier merepek)
Her: Sebab kalau macam along nak kena angkat tipon tadi tuh, mesti tangan sebelah along da terangkat. Stering tuh kan macam xterpegang, so orang kat sebelah tuh leh tolong pegang kan and control stering tuh.
Me: T_T

Overall, she's got everything. Yet she still needs to polish up the lady inside her. Bajet cool sangat lah dier neh. Haha. Well I don't care much about what she did as long as she knows how to take care of herself. Yup, that's our caq. I miss her though. We don't communicate frequently as she is busy with training. She's hoping to fly soon this April. Oh yeah, did I mentioned she is soon-to-be pilot? Cool eh? Her dreams came true. I envy her so much but in a good way. I'm so freaking proud of her. Adek, along proud of you too k. Haha. I'm writing these for the pleasure of others coz I know she won't read it. I guarantee you, she doesn't know what a blog is. Hahaha.

Wow, leh jadi novel. I told you, I would take me more than 1500++ words just to write about her. Still, I had to cut out the storyline. Hehe.


justnid said...

the chinese drama was 'The Good Old Days'..i had my fringes too..ahaks..
May ALLAH bless her life as with what she put the whole effort in it..~amin~

alfattah said...

if dia leh baca ni, sure ko malu sket kan?hehehe.. u got urself one of a hell proud-to-have-you-sister=)

Asyida said...

hey..we also achieve our dream what?
a software engineer.But the difference is...she enjoys living her dream as a pilot...but we seem to be soooo bored and tensed with this so-come-true-dream, plus, we even want to change bidang!!..hahaha,right?

Skinny Legs said...

justnid - hahaha...u too ka? samalah u guys...yep...and I wish u all the best in ur life too...

alfattah - i sure do alrite...

asyida - saya xrasa bangga sgt pon with the software engineer thing. Cam too hebat for me. Yeah, i'm thinking of changing fields...really soon...insyaAllah...