Monday, March 17, 2008


I failed my weekend. Why? All of the checklist that I've made, flushed down the Toilet. Haha. Yeah, I can never stick to schedule. Well at least I managed to tick one of the things on the list. Got myself the bookshelf. Yipee. I'm so excited eventhough I wasn't at first. I've been longing this particular bookshelf at IKEA for quite sometimes.

Since IKEA was on the last day of their sale, I desperately begged dad to take me there. *Bleh je nak pegi sendiri tapi for a fact x tahu jalan plus not enuf cash* heee...Once we reached IKEA I was damn excited. *Jakun* Even worst, it was my second visit there, so being Jakun the second time aint good. Haha. I'm so in love with IKEA. Just me. Just my thing.

Ok2. Skip it. Everyone knows IKEA. No need for introduction. Unless you never heard of it, welcome to browse at =p

As we passed the entrance, I immediately saw the Billy bookcase that I wanted sooooo bad. It's so simple. Just plain simple. And I like that. Plus it was cheap too. Quite a bargain. Anyone can afford that Billy. It only cost RM165. I was on a budget. That's why. Huhu. Anyway, I jotted down the information needed so that I won't get lost when I need to go pick em' up.

When we went to pick up our item, there was an Indian salesman. Man, he's cute. Ahaks!

"Yes, can I help"

"Ooo...we are looking for...erm..." I was trying to figure out what on earth did I wrote. "Oh, erm...we are looking for Billy bookcase on...aisle 1A." I murmured still trying to figure out what exactly I scribbled. Hehe.

"Eh, wait...saya xnak color tuh. Saya nak color beige." My dad had to convinced me to take the beige color so it matches my bedroom furniture which I had to add RM60 extras. Huhu.

"Ok...di aisle berpa?"

"Alamak...saya xpaham lah tulisan saya. IW...kot" I added as I trotted with them with the trolley.

He tooked us to aisle IW and to my was out of stock. Damn. I came all the way and it was sold out. Huhu. My heart was broken. I came all the way for nothing. Huhu. The salesman however told us that if we wanted it, we could order it but it will arrive not until next month. Lambatnye and me kicewa. Huhu.

I wasn't about to give up. I don't mind waiting as long as I get them. So we decided, we will get it in April. *Keciwa* As we approached the cashier, my dad spotted this bookshelf. Ok, it was a bookshelf, but it wasn't love at first sight. I didn't had the feeling like I did with Billy. Haha. Ada nama plak perabut2 neh. My dad loved it. He said it looks fabalous in my room. It's tall and solid wood. Yeah, and it looks like an antique piece too. Highlights. I hate antiques. I was like...I don't know. Anyway, it wasn't that bad. It didn't look antiques as my moms jati. Huhu. It just had an antique stain. Like a natural touch too it.

My dad again had to convinced me into buying it. I was reluctant at first because 1. It was RM399...way beyond my budget but dad was willing to pay half. So I was ok with it. 2. It has drawers at the bottom. The design didn't got me that thrilled, but dad said it was functional since I had lots of rubbish, I can easily hide them in the drawers. Clever one dad! Why did I not think of that??? 3. And the color wasn't beige which won't match with my room. Huhu. After some thoughts, I decided to take Alve. Yeah, his name is Alve alrite. Haha. My dad also bought himself a rack of CD. His name his Benno. A black Benno. Looks so cool. While my mom bought herself pots of always...

So Alve and Benno will be coming home to us this Thursday and will have a nice place to stay. Haha. I'm so thrilled and damn excited.

Oooo...can't wait! =D

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dotting sister..ahaks..if only there's ikea here..huhu