Monday, May 25, 2009

What is happening to me?

I don't know what is happening to me lately, but I think I'm falling in love. Awwww(Some of you think that it is time, isn't it) haha...Yes I think I am falling in love. I'm falling in love with Pink. MasyaAllah, I can't believe I said that! Ann, don't you dare laugh at me. Curse you Ann if you did :P

OK, love is a big word, let's just say LIKE. OK? Yes, I don't know why I see pink is very nice indeed. Before this I hated it so much. Remember the post I hate pink even more. Hehe. Every time I see someone wearing pink, I curse that person. Haha. She did nothing wrong. Hehe. To me pink is too feminine. It resemble extreme femininity which I think is rather uncool. I'm a cool person(haha) I mean, I like mysterious and exotic thing, pink doesn't say all that. Black and red does. How does pink fits that? Pink spells high-maintenance chic which I am not.

Like they say, what goes around comes around. What you hate, you will love like. I've come across beautiful pinky stuff lately especially in the clothes department and I complementing on how pretty they were. Opps (grin). There are some shades of pink that I like. Not those too pinky like The Pink Ladies from Grease or Pink Panther, or those candy floss pink like Patrick. Really, there are certain pink color that I'm awed at especially smokey pink which I think is sexy. Can I say that? XD

My colleagues noticed my interest in pink too. Every time we came across some clothing bazaar, I would hand out to them to try pink out or at least say that this pink is pretty. Is this really me? Or is this some curse or spell someone has put on me? Which ever it is, Red remains my No.1 favourite color.

This pink looks cool XD


maylyn said...

i love red rather than pink la ada certain shades of pink yg cantik...owh i suke purple jugak la kot..

btw, anne taksub kot ngan pink hahhahaha

Anonymous said...

First of all...hahahhahahahahaha
pinky pink u pinky pink!!!
itulaaa...len kali jgn terlalu membenci, kelak nanti jd suka. Kan dah jd betul that curse...hahahhaha
takleh tahan gelak lg nih...seeing u in pink???? more skinny legs in the dark shade...ekekke.jgn marah noooo

Skinny Legs said...

maylyn - sapa yang minat RED...rawks ok! Agree??;-)

kak syu - it wrong nak suka pink? tapi xde lah obses mcm ann tuh...i'll still be in dark kolors...i kan low profile...ahaks~

f a t i h a t i e said...

see?? dats why i gv u pink rite, me knowing wut u'll like heheh

afadh^^ER said...

Alaa..x semestinye pink tu feminin..It depends on how u represent urself..Ade org pakai itam pun nampak feminin gaks..

So, bape byk dah koleksi pink ko??Heheh

Skinny Legs said...

fatihatie - ekekeke...jangan aku jadik obses pinkity sudah. Xbleh byg aku...hahah

afadher - ya...btol2...i xleh lah nk suka pink 100%...not me...XD...koleksi pink...adalah...1..2..3..7 da kot...hahaha

afadh^^ER said...

wow..Almost 10!! Cayalah..Collection pink aku pun x byk tu..Hahaha..I'm crazy wif purple n yellow..

Skinny Legs said...

adeh kantoi seyh...haha...tapi koleksi gelap aku lagi pink tuh xheran sgt lah XD

mushi said...

hua hua..kt mengalami mslh y same! tetibe suke pink.virus apekah nie?

mm adakah sbb fall in luv?tetibe suke pink??