Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some people don't get it

I need intelligent conversations. Conversations that stimulates my brain. Conversations that will help me develop a better me. Not like those telling me to have fun with a friend if you know what I mean? I don't mean to be cruel but Hello, there are better things to talk about rather than your distasteful acts. To them, having 'fun' is the ultimate-must-do.

I feel sorry for these people. Really I do. I guess this is what differentiate us from them. I'm not saying we are better. What I'm saying is, Islam is beautiful. There's a reason why Islam forbids talking indecent and all that. We live accordingly to what Allah has prescribe us. If we follow the rules, we are safe. If we lost track, we will still have a chance by doing it right. Doing it for the right reason. Not trying to please yourself all the time especially if it involves the letter L.U.S.T. Of course, it doesn't mean you have to throw it out the window. One without lust is not human, but use it the right way. The Islamic way. Not by talking to stranger telling them if you are feeling hot or not when they tell you what they are doing down there. Pretty much disgusting.

So the next time if you happens to come across these bunch of people (to those who chats in YM, Skype, etc) just terminate them. They're not doing you any good. I don't even know why I chat up with them in the first place.

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f a t i h a t i e said...

i'm hot! i mean, sweltering hot in these hot n steamy season haha..

owh, nvr met dis kind of ppl..