Monday, April 20, 2009

I need

Someone exciting to talk to.

Someone who doesn't mind saying Hi all the time and initiate interesting topic to talk about.

Someone who is full of it crazy or absurd.

Someone who is there 247.

Someone who is a bit of a nut cracker and sharing each others laugh.

Someone who is anything but ordinary...please!

Gender: Doesn't matter
If you are around my age ~ awesome
If you are around 30 plus ~ I might consider
If you are 40 above ~ get lost bcoz you're a phony...I know (This applies only to gentlemen)

Yeah, I am picky.

Note: This is not one romance-scheme. Just searching for a BFF.

Someone like Amanda and Betty is an advantage.

Anyone who meets the requirement can contact me at

How about I start my own show like Paris...Skinny New's that sound?

*Me on one Monday evening


afadh^^ER said...

Hey..desperately need a bf ka?? relax laa babe..

Skinny Legs said... tgh mencari new BFF...xkira lah laki or ppuan...ekekeke

justnid said...

tot u had 1?