Friday, April 10, 2009


Wow, I left my page stranded for a while now. Ok, not gonna comment further.

Anyway, I've got some major stuff that I have to finish up and start up too. Seriously, I need time. I need like 24 hour solid so I can basically do anything I want. Huh! I want to be able to draw the whole day and finish up my little project. Peter Petrelli is still in the making. Sorry for the delay Adek. Peter will be on his way to you. Huhu.

I got a new project too. My besties is asking me to design her, her wedding card. I'm ecstatic because she gave me the privilege to do that even though I have no skill at all! Ok, maybe I do have the pencil skills because she wants me to draw something for her card, but in order to create the wedding vision, someone has to be good at computer skills. This is where my X-Office mate buddy, Atul comes in the picture. We'll be joining forces. We are like going to war aren't we? Hehe. This is huge, given this chance. I still can't believe my besties asked me to do it. Really, I can't wait. I already have the idea slit in my brain. Hope we can deliver and that she will like it. Amin. This is one business opportunity. Cool eh?



f a t i h a t i e said...

aish x sabar nk tgk kartun neh hihihi..berusahalah!!! hehehe

justnid said...

Good opportunity!!!

p/s Waiting for Peter..

Anonymous said...

i'm peter..peter patakaki..huhu

Skinny Legs said...

fatihatie - Ish ko xsabar, aku lak tatot!

justnid - ur peter is on his way...on kapal...

fiquer - peter patakaki? ada ka? ekekeke