Friday, January 09, 2009

What do you think?

Taraaa...what do u think? Pretty neat eh? I have to admit it, it is nice to get out of the dark. Haha. Since most of my mates have been switching templates which looks totally awesome, I decided to do the same. The fact that it's new year, I should get myself a new look. At first I was thinking of just changing the header but it would have been just the same. Black and sumore black. Then I bumped into Kak Lyn's site and her new layout was better. At that time, I didn't have the urge to do what she was doing. Busy. Haha. Ok. Whatever.

Later, I went to drop by at Ann's if she had updated her page. It turned out she did. Pink as always which was pretty cool. FYI, I don't normally say pink is cool. Then it hit me that I need to makeover blank404 myself. I did. Well it was a struggle at first. I did tried the one that both Kak Lyn and Ann had, from Gisele-Beu-something, a page with a soothing green color. Somehow it didn't got me. Of course it's cute but cute doesn't describe me even though I am. Haha.

After googling around, I fell completely in love with this masterpiece. It's like it was made for me although about 17,000 earthlings had downloaded it. Still, I'm proud to be one of them. Hehe. Anyway, I got to touch up a bit because it does look like a bit all over the place. Doesn't it?

Not too late to wish Happy New it?


maylyn said...

this 1 better than before. yup i agreed neat :) gisele tuh dia cute2 sket tp byk nak betul kan coding.

anneweeza said...

yeahhhh!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

agree...the black one is also cool...but u need to change to a new style. so this one is cooler.hehe..need top change mine too, but seeking for time to do that.

Skinny Legs said...

hehehe...yeah, dapat sambutan...only problem bile i preview, cam dekat korg btol ke?

justnid said...

hmmm...I think it's pretty, whatever pretty means :]