Thursday, January 15, 2009

I like to tag it - tag it

1. Do u think u are HOT?
Does Aneroxia, ribs, skinny legs looks hot? I don't think so. Huhu.

2. Upload a fav pic of you

3. Why do u like this picture?
Coz it seems like me, my sis(in white) and my fav cousins all time are having a blast at that hanging-thingy. Don't you think? Nyaman je suasana kampung. Ekekeke.

4. When was the last time u ate pizza?
On my birthday. It was my treat and I ate like a pig. Huh. I only ate a slice since I had spagetti and those platters.

5. The last song u listen too?
Still on my Brain by Justin Timberlake. I just love sappy love songs. It knows how I feel. Haha.

6. What are u doing right now besides this.
Waiting for dinner. Hold on, I've help mom prepared ok. Just ran upstairs and waiting for dad to come home from surau.

7. What name u prefer besides yours?
Syaz is just fine *smirk*

8. People to tag:

1. Wan (I still owe u ur tag...heee)

2. Anne

3. Kak Hanim if she happens to run across this.

4. Kak Lyn but I think she has been tagged too...hmmm...change it to justnid

5. Fikri a.k.a Angah

9. Who is no.1
My high-school bestie and still am. She's getting married by the end of the year, insyaAllah and wants me to be her maid of honor. How cool is dat?...and I'll be wearing gold. Haha.

10. No.3 is having relationship with?
Yeah, I'm pretty curious kak nim...meeting someone? hmmm...*wink*

11. Say something about no.5
He looks like Lah V.E. Seriously no kidding man. And seriously, jangan kembang lak angah... =p

12. How about no.4?
She is so busy with her life, doesn't have a blog and I don't know why I'm tagging her...Haha.

13. Who is no.2?
Pink mafia. Everything she pink. Pink henset, pink patrick, pink that moving head-thingy in her car, pink bedroom eventhough i have not seen God knows what else...huh!


maylyn said...

:D wani...i dun y, tetiba i miss korg di sana.. huwaaaa i hate korg mengapakah berperasaan begini??? how could u!

anneweeza said...

huhh...wesss....harus ke ulasan psl aku yg plg pnjg....ok k xpe...aku sahut cabaran..kofkof!! eh eh ke no bls dendam about gmbr ko yg aku curik dlm entry yg lalu..kehkeh!!! :) nnt aku wat lg...ko ready pose cun2 tau.. :P

k.lyn!! u miss me?? kehkeh...i perasaan... :P

Anonymous said...

Wachaa..kena tag la plak. nk keno bayo ke nih? hik3..

along, kete baru dh dpt ker?

ALFATTAH said...

hhee cik wani,
u r not wearing gold,
good news heh
unless u want 2 b the bride or if u want to be camouflage with the pelamin
u'r wearing beige (haha cam order from the queen kan)

Skinny Legs said...

kak lyn - huhuhu...jangan salahkan kami kak lyn...

anne - hahaha...xde kene mengena ngn balas dendam...tapi mmg aku alergik sket pink...sket je lah...ekekekek

fiquer - eh...nak kena bayo ape lak...? kete? kete pe??? =/

alfattah - beige cmner laks?

maylyn said...

Wani, saya mengetag kamu. sila lihat :P

ALFATTAH said...

beige, ala2 cream, hari tu masa ym, dah bgtau, tp ko ala2 menggelupur kot takut pakai gold so ko x perasan aku type cream..hihi..dun worry, dats all taken care of