Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Moment of Truth

Would you spill your personal details, dirty little secrets, confessions etc etc on national TV for half of million dollars?

Mark Warlberg: Do you have a crush on your male colleagues?

Skinny: Hell No

Mark Warlberg: Are you sure? There's no turning back.

Skinny: Positive. 100%.

Mark Warlberg: Here it goes, the moment of truth and your way to winning 25 grand.

The answer is...





Skinny: Whattttt? That machine is lying.

What kind of reality show is this?

See, I can't even get to the second question.

Watch it on Star World Channel 711 every Wednesday at 10pm ;-)


Asyida said...

Erk...tak fhm entry nih
mimpi ke ape?
hehe...sila explen

Skinny Legs said...

Hahahaha... entry neh based on reality show on channel 711 kat astro...hehehe...get it?

alfattah said...

yeah of course u lied cz u use to had a crush on sumbody back then rite..saper aah???? y couldnt i think of any names in my brain??

alfattah said...

em me rs nk tukar nama jd fattylegs but sounds uncool plak kan..hehehe..nk wat sexy legs , x sexy pulak ;)

Skinny Legs said...

erk...i don't think so...sape je laki yang ada kat opis i? none OK...huhuh... =p

oh...fattylegs sounds ok...but legs? =\ =p

Anonymous said...

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