Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I feel tense in the air. Don't you? My past entry is somewhat emotional. Excuse me though. Just got to get it out of my chest. I'll come around. Hmm, I've got tons to share, but really I'm out of ideas. Hehe. How can you have tons to share but running out of ideas at the same time? X logik langsung!

My life these days is OK I guess. Not much of a thing. Not that bad, not that good either. Yeah, I've been pretty down lately but I'm alrite. I hope so. It's not that big a deal. Enuf of this sappy moment will you Skinny. Hehe.

Right now, I'm listening to Always be my Baby sang by David Cook. Man, he's sooooooo SEXY. I'm captivated by his amazing voice. He looks cute too. My type of guy. Hehe. I'm touched by the lyrics. You hoping for things to be exactly you wanted it but yeah, people change. This song is conveying that situation. I think I can relate to it. My play list consists of slow rhythm songs. I got the blues. ;-)

Last night I had a dream. Super funny dream. Normally I'm the superhero in all of it. Even though I don't posses super quality powers in all my heroic action. Like I always fall when I fly, but I did managed to save the day. Hehe. Last night dream I get to be the victim. Hmmm, not the write word. Heroin? Hahaha. Too expressive. Let's just say I wasn't playing the lead role.

There was Superman. Funny thing was, it was me saving the Superman, not Superman saving me. Haha. Tadi kata x save dunia for the day, pe cite lak neh? Hehe. Ok ok. Superman was weak. He was wrapped in some sheet from out of nowhere. I can't remember the detail but I was helping him to his feet. Maybe he was krypton-ite. Sebab tuh lah kot.

Then we were attacked by some giants Cats and Dogs. Haha. There was no monster. Weird. Usually I'm fighting those squid like monster in my dream, but this time Cats and Dogs. Aneh2 je mimpi. All of the sudden, Superman turned into a cat. Bengong ke hape mimpi neh? Haha. We were grasping of where about is Superman. I was disappointed because he just left like that. A cat. Later on, Superman came. But he didn't came to rescue us but he took me away. Only me. Hahaha. Ok. Harus ke begitu? He flown and took me away in his arms to I don't exactly know. That was that. Subuh da waktu tuh. Huhu. I'm wondering what I might be dreaming tonight. Can anyone interpret dreams? I really like to know to what is going on in my slumber.

DPLI test is on Saturday. I better make it this time as I've screwed my first opportunity 2 years back. Like they always say, good opportunities don't always come at you but having a second chance is possible too. I'm praying though. Hoping to have a second chance at this. Amin. So good luck to me and the rest of the DPLIAN-soon-to-be. InsyaAllah.

I've got my new retainer yesterday. My, it's been month since I had my teeth tied to some metal. I'm feeling pain and trying to adjust myself to it. This time I'm taking precautions step as to not lose my retainer out of sight. Don't want risking going to the dentist and lying all over again. Hehe. Ashamed you Skinny.

Well, that's ramblings for now. I always end up with too much of ramblings. Not good not good.


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justnid said...

My dentist said I have to pay another JD50. I thought I'm done with it. :(