Thursday, May 08, 2008


I'm so outdated. I'm always left behind. When everyone is on the latest news or gigs or whatever it is, it be new for me like 3months ++ later. Haha. Talk about ketinggalan! I mean, really. I'm always left behind. Huhu. Like when Evanescene first single came out Bring Me to Life, I only discovered it after more than 5 months it hits the radio. Then I went crazy about it when the song is almost rotten aka basi! Haha.

It happened again to me when my sis introduced me to Outlandish. I was...what??? Out...what??? She gave me a link from youtube of this band singing a song called Aisha. At that time, I was like...yeah whatever. It didn't caught my attention at all. After like 8 months (kot), my brother played the song. Then baru I tertarik perhatian. There was something catchy about it. So I asked him who sang it and imediately I went to youtube. I downloaded it and completely fell in love. =>. Seriously I'm still in love with them. I told my sister about it and she was like "Whattt...da lama dah lah" Haha. Ketinggalan lagi.

History repeats again. => This time I'm into Marie Digby. OK. My sis did send me a copy of Umbrella sang by Marie Digby like ages ago. Of course, I listened to it and I liked it, but it was just good to the ear. I wasn't crazy about it. So it was kept hidden for a while. It wasn't on my favourite song list. Then all the sudden, I went you tubing it for no reason. Maybe because I have no idea what to Google out. I've Googled out images of food, art, celebrity etc. *Cem bengong* Was running out of idea. Out of no where, Marie Digby came to mind. So I search her image on Google.


Boy, she's so pretty. I fell in love. Not that I'm gay, OK, but I was astonished by her beauty. She definitely caught my eyes. Then I remember her acoustic version of Umbrella, went straight to you tube and watch almost every song she made. She takes my breath away. Haha. She is damn beautiful, has a tremendous voice and she plays the guitar and the piano. She has to rock! Definitely.

I'll be downloading all her acoustic songs. Just got to work the ares. *Sigh*

See...people must knew her like forever, I've just known her like 20 minutes ago. Haha. Sangat ketinggalan!


Anonymous said...

same here!
bile tanye adik pasal lagu yg baru minat tu, die gelak n ckp dah brzamanlaaa...huhu...ketinggalan kitakan bab2 lagu nih. dulu i used to be the updated one.

Skinny Legs said...

kak shu...kite serupa!!!! in so many ways...agree???