Friday, April 25, 2008

Which heroes character would you like to be?

Hmmm...let me see. All heroes are super fab. Minus that Sylar, but he's kindda cute though. Haha. Well, if I were to be a hero, which heroes character would I be? Claire's power is quite cool. Not quite but really cool. With the ability like that, I'm indestructible. Who wouldn't want to be in her shoes? I can heal myself from any injuries but healing from broken heart doesn't
work OK. Haha. It has to be physical. Yet, it's not like I get run by bus everyday where my limb stuck out and my neck is twisted every time I jump off a cliff just to prove how magnificence I am. It just won't work. Plus, if people caught me healing myself, they will freak out. Totally. Which makes me a complete freak. See what happened to Claire???

Matt, to be able to hear other people's thought. Now, we always tell our self wouldn't it be great to be able to hear what other People is thinking? I would. I get to dig in people juices detail
that's lurking inside their head. Really dramatic I would say. Then again I would have to deal with negative comments. Like, for instance, we are dealing with people who happens to say nice thing in front of us just to cover their 'behind' or something or just being polite, but deep down they are not sincere. Sincere is one thing, but what if that person happens to give us nasty comments inside their mind? Take when she was trying to please you by saying "Eh, canteklah baju neh" tapi inside she was saying this "Dem, hodoh giler!" Oh man, I can't deal with that. Haha. Lets just say some truth are better untold.

Hiro Nakamura. AAA...yes. Travelling through time. Now that's a catch. With this power I can conquer the world. Pretty much. I can go back in history without having to read the history itself. I can turn back time and change the course of the world. I can see places without having to board a plane and its free. Of course I would have to change the currency everywhere I go but wouldn't it be great? Wait. This is the power of that jumper guy from that Jumpers flick. Oops, my mistake. Heeee. Bottom line, with this ability, I'll be free. Free to do what I want. Change my life and mend the things that I've done wrong. Get a second chance at things. Cool eh? Then if I did that, I'll be against fate. I won't learn because I can fix time when ever I want. Doesn't sound rite. Only Allah decides what will happen. So I leave it to Him to decide whats best for me. Still, its cool to be Hiro Nakamura.

Hmm...after some thoughts and some observation *Smug*, if I were to be a Hero, which Heroes character would I like to be? Definitely...(pause) Micah. Haha. Why Micah? You see, I work in a
stress environment where you have to stare nothing else but the computer screen. Stare is easy but what you are staring at, can be a nightmare and daunting too. So, with Micah's gifted ability, I can easily finish my job. Haha. Ok. Cheating is involve here. I rather do that than having to crack my not-so-intelligent-brain. Every time I run across some coding error, all I need to do is put my hand on the machine and make it do what it wants. In my case, fix the bugs. Genius! All my hectic problems solved with my brilliant genius hands functioned by my intelligent brain without me having the slightest inkling ever. Haha. I can rob banks with this ultimate possession. Muahaha. Awesome eh?

Yes, I would definitely be Micah without me having to be a genius. *Smirk*

I would like to be Peter too, but I don't need all in one. Haha. Micah would do just rite. Ahaks!
After all there's no harm in dreaming. Is there???

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