Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Last two nights...

Last night I had a dreamed. Well, i dream every night. Nightmare, fantasy, to being a superhero. You name it. Nothing new really.

Last night dream made me blossomed all day. Haha. I can't exactly remember how the 'jalan cerita' of that dream was, but there was a guy. Yeah, a guy.
I only remembered that it was some kind of a race or something. Competing to the finish line. That's what I thought. Then this guy, I saw him wearing a white t-shirt with some prints at the front. *I love guys in white T. =D* and a brown khakis with the hair like the character of Claire's new bf in heroes second season. He looked beautiful though. Haha. So I thought. This guy was in the race. I was in the dream also. I don't why I was there. Just happened to be in the dream.

I was at the scene the race took place. Its like I was the viewer, not a
contestant in it. As I was watching this so-called-race, I was curious to why this guy was racing alone. I mean without a partner. The scene was, he was about to climb something which I'm not clear off. He seemed kindda relax, while others raced vigarously. (Saya ada nampak 2 orang perempuan berlumba-lumba macam tak cukup masa je) Suddenly he looked back. Oh yeah, his back was facing me. Suddenly he looked back. At me. Hahaha. Since I was the only one there. Boy, he looked so beautiful. He came towards me.

Then, all the sudden the race I was watching turned out different. I was like sitting in a group. Boleh x? Haha. The guy was still there. We were talking
which I don't know what. Its liked we had crushed for one another. Sesi luahan perasaan kot time tuh. Like you see in movies. Kan kan? And out of no where came this gurl admitting she was his gurlfriend. This part is funny.

She had brown hair. Look pretty though, but the moment she opened her mouth, my word! She had rotten teeth. Ugly looking. Like a stale cheese which was invaded by maggets. EEEE...There was this beautiful guy who had a gurlfriend of cheese rotten teeth. Hahaha. Mimpi pon boleh klaka eh? All I knew, the moment she admits she was
his girlfriend, I left. That was what I remembered. Mungkin kecewa kot, but I wasn't sad or anything. So I fled.

Then the scene changed. Suddenly it took place like I was about to exit an amusement park or a ticket counter like we used at a Comuter station. On my way to the exit, he came running. Awwwww...its so like in the movies. Haha. Macam xmo kehilangan orang tersayang. Hakhakhak. I turned around and there he was, standing. Now this one
confused me. Tetiba dier nampak shorty. Hahahahahahahaha. Ok.

I'm sure he wasn't short. Maybe I was standing on something a lil higher than him. That's why! There was a crowd all of the sudden. Macam waiting for this moment to happened. Silent took place and he said "I LOVE YOU. Dont leave!" while holding my hands because I was about to swipe the ticket. My, I'm laughing now. Hahaha. To be honest, I was swept away. Who would'nt be? Then we hugged or something. Hahaha. And it was 6am. It was gone just like that. Huhu. My dream was just a dream. Yet still, I was smiling all day and recalling back the dream. The I LOVE YOU scene. Hehe. If only, this took place in real life.

I'll be wooooowww... ;-)

*Beautiful in a guy doesn't simply means auww...ok! =p


Anonymous said...

geli perutku ini

mushi said...

haha.xpe2.smg mimpiMu mJD realiti.
tpkn..aritu ahad togk Hero x? selase tgok Ugly betty x? klu ye..konpem!!

fatihatie said...

hak hak hak...seriuoly jln citer ala2 fairy tale...

Skinny Legs said...

kak shu - thinking yellow ke? hahah

apau - mmg tgk hero n ugly betty tp version dload xberpa phm the "klu ye...kompem!!" =I

fatihatie - yeah...dream je pon...

maylyn said...

weh wani hahhahaha best best...i also mimpi2 gak...alaaa dh lama xmimpi klakar2 (",)

justnid said...