Sunday, February 17, 2008

I was am STU

I've done the most stu***est thing ever. I don't know how on earth I fell for that.
Before this, the exact same situation happened. Except that I didn't make it through the papers. *Grin*

Anyway, what happened to me had happened to sumone else. I commented them thinking I was brilliant "Eh, stu*** lah these people" But I wasn't that smart after all. The differences between me and them, I am not that stu***. Yet still, I feel kindda like it.

Yesterday, well 2 days before, I received an email with the subject of Attn: Lucky winner. I was so curious. Who would'nt be. To my utter suprise and I was gobsmacked, I was announced as the winner of an E-Lottery game with the prize of £1,569,652.00 Pound Sterlings (One Million, Five Hundred and Sixty Nine Thousand Six Hundred And Fifty Two Pound Sterlings) only. Yeah, I know. That's A LOT and TOO GOOD TO
BE TRUE. I was star strucked though but it seems so real. With every detail. But I was still having doubts and this is the part where I became the stu***est ever!!! I'm embarrased now but just a lesson for you to listen.

I don't what happened. I did asked Kak Lyn, my co-workers about this suspicious email. She told me that if she was in my place, she won't buy it. But no harm trying. She said, if it is true, share some parts with her. Hehe. Ok, but I wasn't buying it too. So I decided to enquire for further information and they replied. It looks like I'm dealing with real people here. I kindda believe it. Shoot. Still, I wasn't so sure. So I went home. I asked my brother. He was giving me that look. You know the look leh-percaya-ke-neh look. Huhu. He was kindda encouraging me though, so why not give it a shot. Now, I'm a total idiot. I even prayed to Allah, saying how thankful I am. Rezeki betol neh. *Tunduk kepala jap* Malu~

I even had the angan-angan that if its true, I would take my whole kampung family for Haji. I would buy dad a Volvo S80 which he'd always love. Buy mom a new car. Get myself a persona perhaps. Hahaha. I'm pathetic.

Then, I went with my guts replying they email with giving out my information. How stu*** was that??? Fortunely, I didnt't gave out any IMPORTANT details. Yet, I still did gave them my add, my phone no. Huhu.

I'm so naive. When the email has been succesfully sent, it is then I decided to google out this E-Lottery thing. Turns out it was a SCAM. Astagfirullah! I WAS DUPED!!! Like everyone else. They received the same email as I have. Argggghhhhh...I was in despair after that and worried too, incase they might appear in front of the door steps. Huhu. My mind went crazy after that.

Luckily I managed to save myself because in order for me to claim my so-called-prize, I have to pay for the shipping expences. What idiot would pay for that? Guess I wasnt stu*** after all. Alhamdulillah
Lesson learnt.

Word of advice : Never Trust Anyone.

P.S ~ That JUMPER on screen rite now, didn't make me jump at all. Not really a thumbs up.


Anonymous said...

Been there..done that !!
Haha..luckily i managed to googled it first before giving my personal details. But still....we are soooo naive!!! Uhuk.

Skinny Legs said...

Kak shu pon sama...hahaha...
Pheeww...I'm not the only one...heeeeee