Monday, August 06, 2007


In 7 days time, I will have to say farewell to my closest friend. Sad eh? But what can I do. It's time. Some people are so thrilled when the moment comes. I should too. But with it sticking to me for almost 8 years, its going to be a heart wrenching moment. Now I have to accept the fact that it wont sparkle back at me anymmore when I smile, I won't look cute as always(telah dinyatakan oleh orang lain ;-p) when I'm with her and plus people won't recognize me without her. We compromise eachother. Yes, I'm going to have to say goodbye to my braces. Did you think I was shipping goodbye to my humanly friends? Haha.
Anyway, it has been 8 years since I had it. Imagine 8 years. People who wore it after me sure to have them off before me. Hehe. Duration of wearing them only takes 2 years. Well differs to different people. I was way expired. Hehe. What can I say. We are very attached. Haha.
But I think she understand that its really her time to go. I mean she's been a great friend. Always sticking around through my ups and down and oh yeah...also to mention having to go through the hazardous chocking moment. Haha. People do recognize me more with her sticking around. I will be known as 'Besi' among people. No hard feelings, but I kindda like it. Its easy for people to refer. And kids, any kids that I passed by, always give me the stare like I'm kindda alien or something or a robotic being having her teeth tied with steel.Kids...hahah...they say the darnest things. Yeah, a lot of Kenangan Terindah with her. Those were the years.
I am going to miss her though. But on the bright side, I'm going to be brace-free. Totally. Well almost. I still have another 'friend' to stick to. Hehe. Those what-you-call-it? Retainer. Yes, a retainer. But she wont be 'close' and 'attach' as my braces as I can take her off. Haha.Well, I'm looking forward. I say that 8 years is more than enuf. Wish me luck ;-)
p.s I'm having emotion to a steel?? Hahaha

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Anonymous said...

my turn to be brace-on-me..ngeh4..but not gonna be 8 years la..2 months pn already had enough with it..can't wait nk cabut maa...