Wednesday, August 01, 2007

3 weeks back

My so-called-trip to Sarawak was one of a cool moment. Never thought I would reach Sarawak, ever. Alhamdulillah, it's a blessing to be given this opportunity by my company. Memang rezeki saya sangat2 ;-)Anyway, my trip to Sarawak was definitely cool. Of course you need to get there by 'balloon' refered as aeroplane by the Sarawakian. My trip was bumpy. Hehe. *Da lama tak naik plane*. It was nerve racking a little bit. I sat next to two guys. Wow. Me in the middle. Haha. The Air Asia seats are petite in size. Not really that comfortable. But will do for a 1hour 45 min fly. The seat are all sat up straight. Geez...I need more calcium. I tend to get backaches these days ;-). I departed at 9.20pm from Penang and arrived at 11.30++. The landing was pretty hard but it was some landing. Haha. Lame story...skip to the point.

Arrived in Jalan Tanbau where Borneo Hotel is situated. The enviroment there doesn't differ much to semanjung. But I have to say the scenery there was breath-taking especially at the waterfront. *Sepanjang sungai-xtahu-namanya* I found that the air is clean. Not polluted with carbon-monoxide (do correct me if I'm wrong...I left chemistry like 4 years ago =0). Our first night, well my second night(the first doesn't count), our presenter from JKKP by the name of Nazli took us out on an outing. Oooh, I so like this guy *smug*. He's the 'soft' type if you know what I'm talking about. Hehe. Having him around is never a dull moment. We walked all the way to Indian street where he claimed it was about 10 minutes away from where we started. Yeah rite. We walked like forever since he can't remember where it was or was it he don't know where it is. Boleh x? Da jalan jauh2...dier leh cakap..."Eh lupe lah i". Then we asked the local about Satok. The re-known place in Sarawak. They said it was 15mins from where we stop. Ok, so we walked again like forever and we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere. Actually, in the middle of Merdeka Palace but we don't know exactly where we were. So we got lost. Hehe. Not totally lost. Instead of continuing our quest for Satok we head back in search of food. Yeah, food. It was kindda difficult to find food in Sarawak. There is stall of course, but the people who owned the place makes me suspicious. There's this one stall we go every morning for breakfast. Definitely not muslim like eventhough the local said it was Halal, but you would be wrinkling your forehead becoz the people there looked like chinese and had dangdut screening 247 on television. Imagine that!

Back to where we were, so we were in search of food. My co-workers, Kak Siti told us that there was a restaurant that Jalan-jalan Cari Makan crew used to come. We were hoping to find that restaurant. Instead we were shown to a place where people munch on seafood. It was massive. Crowded with people. But before getting there, we had to walk a long way and somehow turned out to be somekind of an explore race. Haha. It was exhausting. Totally.

The next day, we continued our unfinished quest to Satok. The four of us headed there by cab. Goshhh. Remember the people we asked about how to get to Satok? HECK! They said it was 15mins but getting there by cab proove that you'll be crippling walking there. Huhu. As we reached Satok, I thought it was different than any places. But it was like Pekan Rabu you get in Kepala Batas, Alor Star. But you get more choices on food from where we stayed. I tried the Kolok Mee. Very tasty indeed I shall say. Meanwhile, Kak siti had sarawak laksa. It was kindda bitter for me since it had the taste of 'cengkih'. The laksa are different from the Peninsular. It uses bihun as the mee instead of us using laksa mee. But still it was unique.

After consuming all the foods and chatting away, we headed back to the waterfront. There we walked all the way back to the hotel. We stroll upon the pavement next to the river and our eyes were feast on bracelet made out of stones along the waterfront. It was certainly an eye candy for us - the female gender of course. Not to mention Nazli.Haha. He digs this kindda thing which makes him likeable by us.

Next day, we took the sampan to the other side to visit the Kek Lapis warehouse. It was neat and the cakes were scrumptious. We then had our dinner at My Village Busok...or was it busod...can't remember. The delicacies there you don't get back at home. Plus it was reasonable too. A definite spot to visit for you people. What else? Hmmm...the rest of the day we spent at the poveltry shop buying gifts. That's about it...i guess...Ok...I've been to trip is Sabah ;-)...hopefully...

I think I've said enuf...

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