Sunday, May 02, 2010

Paranormal activity?

Mom came in to turn off the light last night because I was dead asleep since 8pm after swallowing the flu pills. I sort of woke up by her 'presence' and was still in the amidst of sleep. I got out of bed grabbing my watch at the desk and it was showing 10.30pm. I thought I should get out of bed since I slept for two hours. I turned on the light, and went to look at the watch again. Suddenly it was 3.30am. Blood rush through my veins and I thought, did mom really entered my room to turn off the lights that morning?

I stood still, then went outside my room and saw that their room was dark. I thought again, mom couldn't have switch off the lights at 3.30am. No, that could not have been her. She goes to sleep before 12! Right that instant, I went back to bed. Switch off the lights in case 'mom' comes in to turn it off. I tried dozing off but couldn't because of that little incident there. As usual I recited some Surah and closed my eyes but I kept opening my eyelids looking at the corner of the room wondering if 'mom' was there. All I know, I woke up to a sunny morning.

I asked mom later today, if she came in my room that night. She answered yes, it was her. It was hard to believe. Really it was. I still don't believe her. Maybe she was covering the 'mom' up so I would not freak out. Still. Thankfully, even if it wasn't her, I'm glad it turned out to be 'her' not some other form. You know how that is like.


a kl citizen said...

jangan pikir benda-benda merepek....
tak baik untuk tekanan darah

ZaNna said...

haha...mcm2..tula, td0 xbasuh kaki..kan mak da dtg..hehe..nt ayah plk dtg maen c0mputer~