Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reading Room

I was in pain last night because of this thing call menstruation and it is one of my big nemesis. I could not eat because of this gas that is residing in my belly and every 2 minutes I feel like vomiting. Luckily a cup of Milo and a tube of Mustajab lotion did the trick.

In between all that pain, I can only manage to lie down and watch TV. I was flipping through channels and I turned to Hallmark. Hey Hallmark has lots of good inspiring movie and I happened to watch one last night. Reading Room. Have you seen it? If you haven't, please do so. I'm not gonna go into detail about it, but the storyline is beautiful and inspiring. It made me cry. I'm quite sensitive these days.

It's a story about giving back to the society that is more than what money can give. A widower wants to fulfill his late wife wishes by opening a reading room in a ghetto neighborhood where he came from. He is regarded as an unwelcome outsider by many elements within his old neighborhood but that didn't stop him one bit. Mr William played by James Earl Jones is a one good example of how a rich man should be. His character is lovable and strongly human. His persistence and motivation to change the course of some lives are uplifting.

The message was simple; Importance of reading, giving back to the society and each other out. If I got my dad to watch this movie till the end, it is definitely a good watch. OK, movie's over and I got the message maybe I should go pick up my book that I bought a year ago and read it. Gosh I got tons of them.

Picture credits to greendaizer13

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maylyn said...

i seen it byk kali kt hallmark. :) touced me when he did for his wife mcmm ala sweetnye hehehhe