Friday, October 23, 2009


Blog sphere is a world full of fitna and crap. I was tested today. I was accused of copying someone Else's artwork. OK, why I am making a big issue out of this? Well, people are making me look bad in this so-call-Internet world and yes I'm here to justify.

I designed a wedding card for my best friend a while ago based on cartoons. She posted her wedding card on her blog and out of nowhere, this so-called-anonymous-reader, who's pretty much a chicken to reveal her/his name in my BFF's blog, accused me of copying someones artwork she/he saw on some other blog who's probably not even her/his friend.

I do not like to reveal name, because I'm not the bad-mouth a person type, so I'm gonna give a name myself. Lets put the A as the person that the so-called-anonymous-reader accused me of copying. Easy!

Now, what right does the so-called-anonymous-reader has to say that what I drew belongs to A? Or on what reason I did has to be credited to A? I don't have to put pictures here just to make the comparison to prove my point because I know I didn't commit a crime of copying/stealing someones artwork. What I drew purely came from my mind. In fact I had a few samples I drew for my besties, and she liked that particular drawing and chose it to be on her wedding card.

It's funny because the-so-called-anonymous-reader see A as though A was a God of art and that I had to submit everything I did to A. It was a simple design that any retarded person can do. Yes, the concept was the same, simple and clean. The differences was simply on the cartoon that we both draw. You have to be completely blind to say that it was the same or look alike.

If the next time someone ask me a favor to draw for them for their wedding card, and the drawing I draw came straight from my freaking brain, I have to credit A when A doesn't own the drawing? How bout crediting A for the idea? The-so-called-anonymous reader probably would say that I 'copied' it. Like A was the first to design that. There's tons of card with the same idea. Like I've said, it was simple. Anyone can do it. Actually it was a blank background with a drawing of a groom and the bride. Wow, so much for an idea huh?

What tickles me is I don't know how the-so-called-anonymous-reader could claimed that it was similar to A's and that I changed it by putting hijab on the cartoon? Come on, I'm sure you have the most sharpest eyes. Can't you see the difference???????? A was simply mad at someone who did actually stole her/his work and made them theirs. OK, if I was in A's place, I'll be fume myself and I know that if A were to look at my drawing, A's gonna say it's totally different. A's probably doesn't have an issue with it. Yet, the-so-called-anonymous-reader are making such fitna on such matters!

I was only helping out a friend and it sickens me that someone has the guts to say what they said. Obviously they have nothing better to do but spreading fitna around. Well, I'm not gonna let that stop me from drawing and make my life miserable. I'm no fool or an idiot who doesn't know the meaning of stealing/copying someone else work for my own benefit.

At the end of the day I can only smile and laugh at these funny humans. I have to remind myself that in this world, they are nut heads, bolt heads, screw heads who just love to make a misery out of people. I'm going to keep the record on play. I've got much bigger issues to deal with. Thank you.


f a t i h a t i e said...

yes very funny.. =))

Skinny Legs said...

hahahahahaha....i saw that!

Goes well with this entry LMAO!!!

i;ieta said...

bkn ke copy paste itu mmg sebiji sebulat2 nyer amik?hehe

i don't think so awk cmtue..

Skinny Legs said...

i:ieta - Good, someone knows the differences :D Well, manusia kan...macam-macam ragam!

a kl citizen said...

dugaan hidup...

lama saya tak ke sini....