Thursday, July 16, 2009

Something to Ponder

Salam peeps, how are you all doing? Hope you are all in the best of shape, insyaAllah. I don't have the best title for this entry but just go along with it, will you? =) I pretty much abandoned my site due to some other distractions that caught me =D. Plus, I don't really have much to say and it won't be that big a deal. What I say might not matter remember? Haha. Whatever. Hmmm, over the past few days I am somewhat happy and I don't even know why. Despite work is like boring as usual and it's not like I'm excited to go to work every morning, but with this brand new mood (almost brand new), I tossed to side all that hate-of-dealing-with-work feeling. It's like I didn't care having to deal with crap. I just played along. Strange and true but I'm happy with it. Alhamdulillah.

No 1 reason that I'm somewhat happy is maybe I made friends with a lot of Muslim sisters and brothers throughout the globe. Mostly are reverted and I am so pleased and blessed to have met them in the first place. Alhamdulillah. I learned so much from them. One thing I know is that they are better Muslims than I am. Living Islam to the fullest. Always reciting and quoting ayat from the Holy Quran, learning Arabic, wearing niqab (yeah, sisters wearing hijab the proper way), always praising our Lord, Allah in every conversations they made. They have been very inspiring to me.

Every time I speak with them, it made me realized of how jahil I am. How little knowledge that I possessed in the aspect of being a Muslim. They came to Islam knowing little, but grew to become the best of Muslim that they can. Yeah, I feel ashamed of myself and yet still remains doing sins each and everyday like still sticking to my bad habits which are hard to wear off. With surrounding yourself with these people, it always gives us a wake up call. A reminder to do something good/to change for the better as long as we breathe. The Prophet Muhammad SAW once told that, we must surround ourselves with good people as they will benefit us in so many good ways. This is very true indeed. Whom you hang around can influence you be it good or bad.

I really like having them as a company. They always sharing thoughts from their everyday obstacles. I can relate myself to them. I think we all can. They reverted to Islam but from what I see, they are an example of good Muslims. Not like some of the Muslims who tosses the Deen out of their life. I'm not being judgemental. I am no better, but this is what happening these days. I'm praying we all will get back to the right path. The path of Iman and Faith. InsyaAllah.

I met sister Umm Travis who's an expat from Canada and living in Egypt, always sharing her everyday life us. Her becoming a muslimah and all that, it's really fascinating. Then I met sister Maria, a Spanish origin who's from US who's passionate and artistry with her poems. I also met brother Yusuf from Morocco who always tells me to make dua, and reminding me of the Quran and sharing Islamic thoughts. We've known eachother since last Monday! They are like sisters and brother I never had. It's incredible. I feel like I don't only belong to my community here, but to the world as well. It's like I am a part of it. Thanks to technology =D. Alhamdulillah indeed.

This is where my inner energy comes from these days. From people around the world. It's really great getting to know people from every corner of the globe. It opens up your mind and you realize you are one tiny person and that you are not the only one who has problem LOL. That's why I didn't mind having to deal with crap these days since I know I have friends to take my mind off it. Even if I didn't meet them in the first place, I know Allah has always been around and always will be around for me. That is one thing for sure. Allah is Great.


a kl citizen said...

nice to read an ntri from you again..

Skinny Legs said...

Aww...thank you :)

mushi said...

sgt bess..bagus skinny leg :)

- I'll email u a story 'bout 1 wise man..hee

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Thanks mushi...

Owh can't wait :)