Thursday, June 04, 2009

Top 10 Signs That You Need a New Job

10. Your outgo exceeds your income. Damn

9. The most rewarding thing you did this week was sharpen all twelve of your pencils to the same length.

8. You’re reluctant to be a Career Day speaker at your kid’s fourth-grade class.

7. Everyone in your work group got a raise except you.

6. Your friends all have jobs that sound more interesting than yours.

5. You were late for work three times this week, but you just don’t care. XD

4. There’s a meeting at 3:00 to talk about the upcoming reorganization, and you’re not invited.

3. Your boss keeps forgetting your name. *Sigh*

2. You constantly daydream about being a forest ranger. --> more or less

1. Your company was recently acquired, and you spent two weeks worrying that you’d be laid off. After that you worried that you wouldn’t be. Exactly

OK, I so need a new job!!!!


maylyn said...

:) this is a good one

call me atie.. said...

hahah go for it gurl!!

afadh^^ER said...

yeah..go for it bebeh!!

mushi said...

yezza!! chaiyok2!!

da dpt keje baru.jom open table! muahahahaa